Jeffrey Meese

Coldwell Banker Sales Associate and Architect

p: (857) 998-0600

1730 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138

I have been working with residential clients as a sales associate since 2009. An award-winning architect, I work with residential and real estate development clients notably for renovation and new construction in historically sensitive locations. I have an in-depth knowledge of architectural design and construction, and this knowledge allows me to assist clients in making informed decisions.

I grew up in New Jersey and have been living in the Cambridge and Somerville communities for thirty years. I regularly contribute time and experience to community organizations. I received my architectural training at the University of Cincinnati and worked for several prominent Boston area architectural firms before starting my own practice.

My thirty years of architectural experience include holding positions as Principal, Director of Architecture, Director of Marketing and Project Manager. Notable area projects include the design and permitting for 380 Somerville Avenue, Somerville; renovations to the Longfellow House on Brattle Street; improvements to the Charlestown Navy Yard; project management for Minute Man National Historic Park; and design for 189 Pearl Street, a recent award-winning residential project.

I’m known and valued for being both friendly and helpful, and for my problem-solving approach to the various situations found in real estate planning and transactions.